I have been living with a very strong social anxiety for about 16 years. Today I am 22 years old. After multiple panic attacks and going to the psychiatric emergency room, I decided to change my life for the better. Conventional therapy did not work for me so I wanted to try something else. I contacted Antje and that decision is the best I have made in my entire life. Today my social anxiety doesn’t stop me from doing the things that I want to do. I have gone from not wanting to see another day to loving life and all that comes with it. I can not thank Antje enough for what she has done for me.

Jens, Lund, Sweden

Freedom is won by throwing away your mental illusions and attachments.

Remeez Sasson

I really appreciate what you did for me; it was probably the best choice I’ve ever made.

I came to you with a phobia that was literally prevention me from doing everything I wanted to do and what you did about that was unbelievable. 

I came there thinking nothing could fix this problem and that there was no hope and I would have to live with it forever but just within 3 sessions it was resolved. 

I can now go out and do the things that I couldn’t do before and I can also now see the beauty in the thing I was scared of and I can’t thank you enough.

Jarryd, Pretoria, South Africa

Hello Antje,

I visited you 2 weeks ago for hypnotherapy. I am really impressed! I only had one session and the focus was: seeing projects through to the finish, clenching and grinding my teeth and nail biting. I am really surprised and impressed that one session was all it took to address my issues!

I have not yet woken up again with a painful jaw and even when I wake in the night I am aware that my mouth is relaxed.

I have had to cut my nails again in the meantime

And I am working on an old research project of mine that had been dragging along like a wet bag, my invoices and admin is up to date, I am really impressed and grateful.

Thank you for the session, my reminder to myself of putting thumb and forefinger together is also very useful and I use it a few times daily, especially before a Kinesiology consultation.

Melissa, Pretoria, South Africa

I have implemented the anchor that we worked on in my first session towards my mother, when I met her this Sunday, during a passage in the meeting with her that I felt a Little bit uncomfortable with. And it worked. I didn´t raise my voice towards her and I didn´t leave either. I simply vanished in my mind and thoughts to that wonderful and peaceful place that I manifested during our session. My mother didn´t even notice that I had drifted away. By doing this, I felt an instant peace inside myself, and also a happiness.

Victoria, Lund, Sweden

Thank you so much for a wonderful and very interesting session for me today. I am so happy that I found you and the way that you are helping me. My "anchor" is truly one of my Saviours - it helps me so much. I am so grateful for that and for you whom have showed me it and how to use it and  I am happy that my progress is going forward.

Victoria, Lund, Sweden

I came to the hypnotherapy session as part of the preparation for a job interview. However, I realized that before getting into any interview, I needed to bring my thoughts and feelings in order:) The main issue I am dealing with at the moment is the difficulty of getting relaxed due to having two little children who are completely messing up with my nights. As a result, my brain is constantly working and even when I have a rare opportunity to rest I cannot relax. This chronic tiredness results in mood swing and difficulty of controlling negative emotions. However, I have to admit that I almost never flip out on my children which probably means that my case is not hopeless:) My husband is the one who suffers to a larger extent. As I don't have any possibility of having alone time, I needed something that would have, so to speak, an immediate effect. Antje has introduced me the anchoring technique which I find very useful and helpful at the moment you need it. I still need to work at it, of course. I plan to have at least one more session with Antje. Just being in her quite and cosy "office" brings more harmony inside myself:)

Thank you Antje.

Anna, Lund, Sweden

Good day,

I have been on a rollercoaster  journey and had to deal with a-lot of anger, disappointment, rejection, feelings of worthlessness, self-doubt, self-hatred and the list just goes on and on.

At the end it almost cost me my marriage, this is when we both decided to seek help.  I went for therapy and because I was 11 weeks pregnant and my husband was filing for divorce at that time, I knew I had to sort myself out before my baby is born, even if I ended up divorced, I had to be the best mom in the world for this innocent baby, because that is what she deserved.  I literally went for therapy 06:00-08:00 in the mornings before work, 3 times a week, sometimes I even did sessions over weekends, which would last for 5 hours at a time.  You can only imagine how time consuming and expensive this was, because well, my previous also charged by the hour and medical aid did not pay for this, but I was desperate, and I knew , I had to change, I had to change from within and no one can do it, but me!!!!!!

Our marriage did improve a-lot, but there was still underlying issues, which I was unaware of, only to discover once my beautiful baby girl was born.  I knew I still had a problem when my anger lit up and  I hit my husband in front of our baby infant and shouted at him, to the point where she will just lie there and look at us and cry, yes, he made me angry like this, I would lose it completely and just see black in front of me and just freak out!  If you knew me personally you would never think that a balanced friendly person like myself was capable of anything like this.  But it happened and  I did not want this to become an example that I set for my daughter and seeked helped immediately again when I realized that I still have not forgiven my husband and I had clearly had anger issues.  I did not want to go back to my previous Dr. because at the time after giving birth to our daughter I was not working and financially I just couldn't afford it and I knew that one session would not be enough.  Then my friend told me about Antje and hypnotherapy. 

I must admit, I was rather sceptical, well because how could this possibly work.... but because I was so desperate, I went to see her.  Our first session she took me into a trance (happy place) that is what they call it, there she implanted a trigger in my brain (figuratively) , for when I feel that my anger is starting to flare up,a simple act as crossing my fingers, will allow this new connections that she made in my brain to calm me, to make me think calmly and peacefully....  Seems very complicated and I don't think I am explaining it correctly, but in short, when I feel that my heart is racing and I am about to get really mad, I just cross my fingers and it disappears...  It has been months since I did this and till today, I have never again got so angry that I get out of control like I used to.  But this is not all, I have severe rejection issues, which was resolved in a regression session, one session!!!  She was amazed that I was able to resolve all of that rejection in one session, but I think I was determined to be a better person!!!!  And because my rejection issues was part of the whole package why I would feel so worthless, doubting myself, hating myself, all of these emotions did no longer exist.  I was also able to have better relationships with other people, well because my relationship with  myself was restored.

What I love about Antje is that she is real, she does not waste your money, she wants to help you, the fastest and most efficient way possible, she saved our marriage and she saved me, she saved my relationship with my beautiful daughter, I would recommend her to anyone, she did a fantastic job and it did not take months or years.  Give hypnotherapy a change, it works miracles!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony.

Catherine, Capetown, South Africa

Hi Antje!

It looks as if the second session is no longer needed at this stage :) I look forward to contacting you for future!

Thanks for everything,

Sue, Pretoria, South Africa

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