Holistic Hypnosis is a place where you can find balance, harmony and wellbeing.

Dedicated to empower people to be well, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

One on one personal sessions, corporate talks, seminars and masterminds.


Have you ever wondered how to turn your life around? How to achieve a goal, become more relaxed, get healthier, free yourself from limiting belief systems or self-sabotage, calm those inner voices in your head that are constantly arguing.  Maybe you have a unique path that you like to follow. Client-centered Hypnosis is an effective and safe way to unlock your potential so you can create the life you deserve.


Solution orientated with a keen sense for practicality are cornerstones of my approach to Hypnotherapy, Motivational talks and seminars. Highly intuitive yet with both feet firmly on the ground more than 15 years of experience in various healing modalities benefit you in each highly personalised session; always keeping your unique circumstances in mind. Through Hypnosis and Masterminds I can help you to set yourself free, change those limiting thoughts and unwanted habits, connect to your inner wisdom and resources so that you too can be who you truly want to be.


The best time for change is now, listen to that inner voice that lets you know you can. Take your inner resources and create the life you feel you deserve. Unlock your potential, it is possible!


You are welcome to contact me on +46 (0)76-2879073   or  antje@holistic-hypnosis.se to  discuss your solution.


Looking forward to meet you.



CHT (Certified Hypnotherapist non-medical)

CPTF (Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator)


Affiliation:  IMDHA, USA

                  SAIH, South Africa

                  Mannatech https://us.mannatech.com/?account=379608

                  Noble Goldman Mastermind community 


To understand what inner freedom means, imagine the state of happiness, calmness, relaxation and peace of mind of deep sleep, but combined with full awakening and awareness.

Freedom is won by throwing away your mental illusions and attachments.

Remeez Sasson

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