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Mental well-being when moving to a new country

Date: February 25
Time: 09.30-11.30
Investment: free

Venue: International Citizen Hub, Ekska Huset, Sankt Petri kyrkogata 4, Lund

It’s not easy moving to a new country for the first time or even if you’re a professional expat, starting from scratch. Sometimes we all would like little support to keep us motivated, open to our new environment or able to enjoy the experience ahead. 

Antje Swart moved to Sweden in April 2017 with her family. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Parts Therapy facilitator and has her own practice Holistic Hypnosis in Lund where she coaches people to regain a balanced and harmonious lifestyle

Registration is via International Citizen Hub


Parenting skills workshop - Integrating children when moving

Date:April 15. April 22, April 29
Time: 10.00-12.00
Investment: 900 sek

Venue: Hälsans Hus, Mårtenstorget 6, Lund

Mental and emotional wellbeing for a parent is linked to the level of happiness of their child/children. Therefore we need to have a look at parenting skills and methods to guide and support our children when moving to a different country or city. While parenting itself is challenging, relocating children comes with an extra set of challenges. By dealing with these challenges, you ensure a smooth integration into the new home base. Hands on techniques and re-evaluating parenting paradigms pave the way for balance and harmony in the family. 

Antje Swart has moved with her children to various cities and even relocated half across the world from South Africa to Sweden. She is running a private practice to restore emotional and mental wellbeing in Lund. Furthermore she actively serves as an ambassador at Mindvalley Inc to support the growing parenting community.

This workshop offers a fresh look at parenting methods to bring flow and happinesss into family life.

Topics that will be addressed are:

Job description for parents

How to deal with emotions (children and parents)

Art of Listening

Food habits

Streamline parenting

How to navigate belief systems and build healthy self-confidence

Deal with loss and grief (that includes moving and leaving friends behind, loss of identity)

How to deal with super busy kids

Finding balance between on and off screen time

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As a Certified non medical Hypnotherapist and Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator, I am not a medical doctor and do not treat, diagnosis or prescribe.

I am of high moral character; conduct myself and my practice of hypnotism in a professional and ethical manner and bound by any applicable code of ethics by the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).

I am encouraged to avoid using psychopathology or medical terms and language, except on referral from a licensed medical or mental health professional and to use any of such techniques only within the scope of my training and qualification to do so. The use of hypnosis and/or hypnotic techniques cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, medical and/or psychological matters.

In particular, you should regularly consult a doctor in all matters relating to physical or mental health, particularly concerning any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical or psychological attention.

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